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Rack Cards 9x4 Full color

Create an image that gives you the edge in your business.


A full-color brochure, booklet, business cards, wedding invitations or catalog designed by PE Island Connections is the professional way to showcase your business and products.

Brochures can be used to build a professional image for your company that will
distinguish your company and give you an advantage over your competition. The image that you present to your potential customers can be the key to your company's success. A professional image instills trust in a customer and always sells more products or services than a poor image.

Print Advertisments

Print advertising is an important component of any company's marketing campaign. PE Island Connections can handle all your print ad design needs. We can design an ad for your promotional need in any type of printed-paper; our services also include the design of brochures, business cards, stationery, flyers, sales sheets, wedding invitations and promotion cards.

How you represent your Company to the marketplace affects the type and amount of business you will attract. PE Island Connections can help you shape and define the most impressive profile for your business through print advertising and related services. We never forget that even the smallest ad we prepare for your company speaks volumes about your organization and ours.

The communication objective is the essence of your message. A precise and well-defined objective is crucial to great print ad material. If your objective isn't right on, then everything that follows will be off as well.

At PE Island Connections, we will help you figure out whom your message is intended for and define your target audience. Depending on your target market, we will design an ad that clearly conveys your message.

A poster, a half-page magazine ad, or a tiny box in the corner of a newspaper; A lot can be done with a small ad so long as it's strong, clear, and properly targeted

We know concept is the underlying creative idea that drives your message. Even in a big ad campaign, the concept will typically remain the same from one ad to another and from one medium to another. Only the execution of that concept will change. So, by developing a concept that is effective and powerful, we will open the door to successful and effective Print Advertising.